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New Westminster Florist
Is the patients and staff of the Royal Columbian Hospital for over 60 years

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  1. Floral Embrace
    Floral Embrace
    Good$45 Better$60 Best$75
  2. Brighten Your Day
    Brighten Your Day
    Good$55 Better$70 Best$85
  3. Big Hug Bouquet
    Big Hug Bouquet
    Good$50 Better$65 Best$80
  4. Fields of Europe Romance
    Fields of Europe Romance
    Good$55 Better$70 Best$85
  5. Sweet Surprises® Bouquet
    Sweet SurprisesĀ® Bouquet
    Good$40 Better$55 Best$70
  6. Boys Are Best! Bouquet
    Boys Are Best! Bouquet
    Good$60 Better$75 Best$90
  7. Girls Are Great! Bouquet
    Girls Are Great! Bouquet
    Goog$60 Better$75 Best$90
  8. Garden Inspiration
    Garden Inspiration
    Good$45 Better$60 Best$75
  9. Get well Balloon Bouquet
    Get well Balloon Bouquet
    from: $40